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rob i

Congratulations!! I really like the look of that gun. I just picked up a very similar looking beretta jetfire, though mine is 25acp. Gotta love the little pocket pistols.
I have both a Bobcat 21A and a PT25 in .25acp from many years back. Like many, I'm actually quite fond of JMB's little .25acp round but find the price per box now to be prohibitive--I do, however, frequently carry them as a BUG as I bought a few boxes of .25acp back when it was quite a bit less expensive (old ammo is still good ammo if properly maintained).

I have both said models in .22lr as well (I have a small mouse-gun collection which I find people either love or hate ) and they function 100% with HV ammo. Conversely, I have found that my .25acp's run with any ammo I have tried so I think the .25 cycles a bit more reliably than the .22lr (but not enough to justify getting a 25 over a 22lr when you consider the downside to .25acp ammo). I practice with the .22lr models and not with the .25's due to ammo savings and there's no difference so to speak in recoil.

BTW, my PT22/25 are the older all-metal models and that new poly model looks both sweet and quite capable (I gotta get one of those!).
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