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I did admit to mis-speaking about the caliber of the Shield I had fired. I clarified that I had fired the Shield in .40 and it had been the PX4 that I had fired in .45. My friend has about a dozen handguns and we fire a few different ones every time we go to the range. It's easy to get them mixed up in your head when so many of them are produced in multiple calibers.

I have put at least 50-100 rounds through almost all the guns he owns, everything from a .380, to a few different sized 9mm's, to a couple different sized .40's, and a few different sized .45's. Perceived recoil is just that, perceived, and none of them really bother me. As for my preference, it is also just that, a preference. Of the handguns I have shot, and of the two larger calibers that I considered carrying, I am more capable of accurately rapidly firing the guns I've fired in .40.

I do understand that recoil in a small and light framed .40 can rival that of a large heavy .45. I'm not asking about that. I simply asked for opinions on the guns I had listed or others I may not have thought of. (As for the glocks, there's nothing technical about them that bothers me, I just don't like the overall feel of most of the ones I've handled.) If you do not have have something productive and on topic to add to the conversation about those guns, please don't drag down this thread by throwing in your assumptions about whether or not I've shot a .40. It's off-topic, doesn't help me in the least, and probably detracts others who may have valid input from posting to this thread.

And as a final note, no JimDandy, I do not have a gun chosen to equal the "quality" of your 1911. That has nothing to do with this thread even in the slightest, and I do not appreciate the response. If you can find me a 1911 with the size and other requirements I've stated I'm interested in, and can then explain to me why it is more valuable than any and/or all the options I'm considering, please do so. That would be worth reading and I would consider it a personal favor if someone showed me a gun that meets my carry preferences that was of higher quality and value than the ones I was looking at. Otherwise please don't clutter my thread with useless posts. Thank you.

Does anyone have any valid advice to offer?
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