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Shoots great. Turned out real well. I still have the original lines from the block coming through the Devcon so i know i didnt alter the actions original contact position to the stock . The Devcon did a great job filling in the lug recess and the center section of the block that is lower than the area of the two lines so that the entire underside of the barrel section behind the lug has good positive contact. I used a razor blade and Dremel to carve the edges of the Devcon so that its foot print is the same as the surface area of the front block section. I had to sand in front of the lug a little so that the Devcon did not touch the barrel. I only have contact at the lug and block. With the factory barrel and action, i dont know if it truely helped but it makes me think so anyway. I believe drilling dimples and removing a slight ammount of the center of the block is key to the Devcon being thick enough to not break up as well as making sure to not sand/gring away any of the area where the two lines show the original surface contact. The Devcon filled in the front screw hole of the stock aroung the screw a little so i used a drill bit to enlarge the hole so that the screw/stock does not bind.
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