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What is the prefered way to lube for the FL? i have always used one shot but some say to not lube the shoulder. If its a light coat, is it ok? I usually make one or two passes with the aerosol can on opposite sides.
Exactly. Be sure to angle the spray to get an adequate amount into the necks.
I chuck 50 cases into the loading block, spray em, let them sit a few minutes for the solvent to evaporate, run them through the press. Never had a case get stuck. But, I don't force them if I run into an issue. If I failed to get enough lube into the necks, it'll be apparent on the first case or two. I back it out, re-spray the rack, and then move on. I don't care how many clowns here wanna knock One-Shot...I run 300-400 large centerfires in a night and have no issues with the stuff. Far as I'm concerned, lube pads belong in the closet along with a Commodore 64.
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