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What a coincidence. I also like my Bersa Thunder 380 and enjoy shooting it. I even carry it!

Depending on how I carry it, I often use the optional 9-round mag for a capacity of 10 rounds, with a spare 7-round mag in a pocket. I use Buffalo Bore .380 ammo labeled "+P" (yes, I know there is no such thing officially) 95gr JHP. They also make a 100gr hard-cast flat-nosed lead if you want to go for non-expanding with plenty of penetration.

Keep in mind that .380, 9mm, .38 special, and .357 magnum all punch an identical-sized hole if the round doesn't expand, so it may be just as good as the .38 if heavy clothing plugs a JHP.

Hard to decide if five .38s would be better than ten .380s until after the gunfight.
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