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Hey, I saw a Coonan on your list. Do you have the new Coonan Classic, or the older Model B, or the even older Model A?
It's the new Classic. I just got it 2 months ago and have only put a few clips through it. I had just put off buying one for years, and I walked into a local hole-in-the-wall dealer/gunsmith who had ordered 5 nearly a year ago, and they had all just come in. I need to get a B and an A, now that you've reminded me.

I have a new Classic and I am very much in love with my pistol.
I love mine so far. Tight, smooth, and accurate, etc.

In any case, if you are an extreme "completist" (I just invented a word there)
LOL. It must be a word, because I've been one for over 20 years and called it just that. I'm a hopeless completist. And my major passion is Superbikes, so you can image I'm bike-broke AND gun-broke; but my garages and gun safes are packed.

then I double dog dare you to investigate finding one of the old and scarce Coonan Cadet Models. Same .357 Magnum chambering, just with a shorter length grip and associated shorter magazine. The guns are difficult to find, the magazines are astronomically expensive.
I hereby take that dare, though I wasn't previously aware such an animal existed. Thank you again.

Rumor is that Coonan has a new Cadet on the "to-do" list, but they are a small operation with a LOT of orders and they've been quite busy.
Yeah, my dealer waited 10 months for his 5. I may have to buy a couple more of them while they're readily available. And I hope they do a new Cadet.

Also, while I've got you here, please tell me a bit about your AutoMag III, .30 Carbine. I've long been enamored of that one and have considered finding one.
One of my favorites. I wanted one for over a decade and never bothered to find one. I was at a gun show two years ago and there it was in 9-condition.

Shoot it much?
Never enough.

Does it run well?
Perfectly, so far.

Yes. 6-inch groups at 30 yards from an average marksman (me).

Does it chew-up & wreck the brass, or simply launch it in to the next county?
Not many chews. It spits 'em pretty hard. Lotsa muzzle flash and noise. It's very nasty in a very unique way. I have the .30C Ruger wheelgun, and I've always loved the cartridge. I have a private range in my garage basement; but when I'm at a public range, other shooters always stop and express their WhiskeyTangoFoxtrots when I start burning rounds. Few seem to ever have heard of one or even know .30C handguns exist. (And I need to find a Taurus Raging Thirty, come to think of it.)

Highly recommended, but the AMT guns certainly aren't Wilson quality.

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