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cold weather carry issues; winter...

If it were me, I'd advise my daughter or any other concealed license holder/armed citizen to get a better sidearm than a Bersa .380acp for cold weather carry.
A .44spl DA only snub like a Charter Arms Bulldog or a Ruger LCR .357magnum revolver would be good.
A semi-auto DA only like a SIG Sauer P224 DAK or a P290 with a laser makes sense. The 9x19mm & .357sig work best for compacts.
Larger calibers like the 10mm, .40S&W or .45acp would do well in colder weather but may be harder to control.
Keep in mind things like gloves, heavy jackets, leather etc may not work with smaller rounds like the .380acp or 9x18mm.
She should carry the largest caliber in the smallest format she can safely handle.

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