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I've been dis-enchanted with the 50 BMG round. I've wanted one of those for most of my life and never got one. I would not buy one now because the young man Gi Joe mall ninja whatever, has wore off as I've gotten older and I've learned that 99.999999% of everything that needs doing with arms can be done with a 308/180 or other lesser but select cartridges.

I even turned down an offer to shoot a Bolt McMillan 50 at the range one day a few years ago now. He was a big ol boy, twice my size and it was settin' him and his folding chair back almost two feet when he would touch one off. It did not look like fun. I'm not big at 6'/170. I'd prolly give a semi-auto Barret a go but no way with those 50 Bolt guns. If someone gave me one, I'd sell it off immediately without even shooting it, and buy several really fun guns. An assortment of top shelf .22 Target Rifles, perhaps.
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