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I,ve read your posts about the indexing issues with the Hornady- but they were related to straight-wall cases, right?

There's plenty of satisfied customers of both- and I was also surprised at your report of lacking CS at Hornady for the LNL. When I first purchased mine three years ago, I had trouble getting the indexing right, it is a bit tricky since it half-indexes unlike any other machine on the market (but that's what separates it from the rest of the pack, IMO). Called CS and the guy insisted that he walk me through it, at the machine, rather than trying to explain. He waited on hold while I got to the machine, then gave me step-by-step instructions asking me exactly how the press was indexing after each "tweak" here and there. It has run flawlessly since, and I've never had to touch the indexing pawls again. (OK, save for the pia when a grain powder gets into the primer shuttle, but that's not often).

I don't know how you started out, but my LNL was my very first press. I bypassed the single stage altogether...

It was simple enough for me to run the LNL one case at a time, didn't have to use it as a Progressive, and didn't want to at first. Far too much going on for a newb at one time. It took months of familiarization and "comfort level" before I was cranking it as a true progressive.

Have you asked Hornady for a replacement press, given the continuing issues?
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