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Go with a Savage action. They have a barrel nut you just have to loosen and then you can screw out the old barrel and screw in a new one. I set the head space with a round I make so I know the head space is right for my loads. You then thighten the barrel nut and you have a rebarreled rifle. I picked up a new Shilen barrel in 243 win. on a close out ready to screw in, but I ran a 6-284 reamer into it and am going to have it Nitrited befor I start useing it. I have picked up several 110 Savages for around $200. Their triggers can be adjusted to a good hunting trigger. As for wood only, I also like wood, but you can still bed the synthic stocks, and you may want to put a heaver varment stock on it before your done. Bedding is easy, just make sure you use enough release agent on the action and barrel nut.
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