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“Not exactly sure why but I screwed the die in until it was about 1/8 of an inch from the shell holder with the ram at the top of the stroke”

Reef took a wild guestimate of 1/8 turn = to .125 off the shell holder when adjusting his die, at best he was neck sizing, not a bad thing, the .125 of the case neck that is not sized when the die is adjusted off the shell holder helps center the case in the chamber at the neck.

Problem? Most reloadrs are neck sizer die neck sizers, they do not perceive the full length sizer die as a versatile die, I size cases for short chambers, I size cases for minimum length, go-gage length, no go-gage length and field reject length and all the length between from –.012 shorter than a minimum length case to infinity or a more particle .016” longer than a minimum length case from the head of the case to its shoulder.

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