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What you're looking for is a model 19-3 "parts gun" where someone has fouled up the barrel or another part of the frame ...and the gun has a cyclinder that is a reasonable price...and you can verify that the gun is really a model 19-3 model.

But if you're looking to just buy a cyclinder that is loose in someone's parts box ...the question becomes what model did it come out of / will it fit into your gun .../ in theory it should ...but there are differences in the cyclinders in the model 19's over the years...and its going to be hard to know what you're looking at - because they're not marked.

On your side - is the fact that there are a lot of model 19's out there....but there is no guarantee that a cyclinder out of another model 19-3 will fit into your gun without some adjustment - on timing, etc..../ especially if its a cylinder out of a model 19-2 or a 19-4 , etc..../ they might fit - or they might not....
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