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“The instructions actually say to screw the die in until it touches the shell holder with the ram at the top and then lower the ram and adjust the die 1/8 to ¼ further down so the press cams over center”
Actually they, the person that wrote the instructions should have said not all presses cam over, some jam over, cram over. lock up or go into a bind. Again, I have 4 Rock Chuckers, two are mounted to Piggy Back presses, none of my Rock Chuckers cam over, I know, It would sound cool if I said ‘cam over’ I had rather sound like I knew the difference between a cam over press and a non-cam over press, I have Herter presses, All of my Herters cam over, all my cam over Herter presses bump, not once but twice when I adjust them to bump, when I want to determine the amount of cam over I use a feeler gage.

Back to actually, actually if the author of the instruction understood the concept of ‘the incline plane’, minimum length, full length sized, multiple chambers with variable chamber lengths they would include instructions for determining the length of the chamber first.

I have two chambers, one in the rifle the other inside the die/shell holder. the task is to size a case for a chamber the reloader is unfamiliar with a die and shell holder the reloader knows less about. I have a chamber that requires a .014” gap between the top of the shell holder and bottom of the die, in keeping up you can immediately see there is nothing about adjusting the die to the shell holder with an additional 1/4 turn (.0175”) has nothing to do with sizing cases for my chamber.

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