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Maybe because I reload ....I feed all of my .357 mag revolvers ( K, L and N frames ) all full power 158 gr loads.....because that's what I like to shoot...and because it only costs me about $ 8 for a box of 50 its a relatively inexpensive few hours to take 6 or 8 boxes to the range with 4 or 5 shoot some tactical drills, etc. ( I do keep some .38 spl's loaded up, using the same 158 gr bullet, but mostly for the grandkids to shoot - or for training a new shooter...)....

I like revolvers ( S&W revolvers - and have about 25 of them ) about a dozen in .357 mag ( model 19's 4", model 66's 4", model 27's in 4" and 6", model 686's in 4" and 6" and model 28 in 6" ...and a nice Freedom Arms 4 3/4" in .357 mag as well). I think what you're seeing in this thread each of us prefers guns that "Fit our Hands" ....and that we can't agree on a single revolver that meets our needs....if I could only keep 1 revolver, I'd keep my model 27-2 4" Nickel....( its one of the top 10 finest guns I own ).

I have a buddy that would never give up his 6" Colt Python....
Another buddy that loves his Rugers ...
Another buddy that loves his Colt SAA's in .357 mag....

It's a choice ---kind of like herding chickens...( we're all over the place)...
( and changing grips on a gun - makes it better or worse / for each of us ...Hogue rubber - with or without finger grooves, S&W target grips, S&W wood finger groove grips,.....and on and on .....we all have our favorites ).

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