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Remington 1911 R1s

I also had an itch for a stainless, full sized, 45 ACP basic 1911 and I wanted to stay around the $800ish range. Just last week I finally ordered the Remington 1911 R1s.

I looked at several (Ruger, Springfield, and Remington were my top 3 choices), and had a chance to shoot them all by either renting them at my range or borrowing one from a friend that has one (the Ruger) and got to test them out. What I found was that the Remington felt the best out of the box IMO as all three were stock configurations. It had the best trigger of the three and judging by the different ones of each they had in stock, the Remington seemed to come with the tightest tolerances (although the Ruger was close).

Obviously, all three are from "quality" manufacturers and I doubt I could have gone wrong with any of them. After firing all three, the Remington just felt best in my hand.

Can't wait for it to come in!
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