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i have tried to make sense out of all of this...being from Texas where, when it comes to a shotgun it can be carried is a car or p/u truck LOADED and not counseled or counseled and loaded or carried in vehicle unloaded in a box or a sock.
laying on the back seat or front seat in other words its legal to carry a shotgun in you personal vehicle.

seems the op WANTS TO CARRY A SHOTGUN NO MATTER WHAT HE IS TOLD ....I SAY TO HIM MOVE TO TEXAS or leave gun at home ...unless going to jail means as much to you as other peoples answers to your questions just load it up and go where ever you want!!

my lawyer tell's me to remind all of you that THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE LEGAL ADVISE ....I am not a lawyer nor do i play one on tv

do not try this at home

in the case of DC area i agree with.......... WHY

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