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Mini revolver ballistics

The velocity data provided by NAA for their mini revolvers makes me question whether the magnum version is worthwhile; the difference in velocities is not that impressive with similar weight bullets, I am guessing because of the abbreviated barrel. I welcome the opinion of others with more experience and training regarding the ballistics of these rounds.



Background for the question: I never considered the NAA minis to be much more than a novelty, but my wife looked over my shoulder while I was messing about online one evening recently, and she saw the NAA minis and announced "Those are cute. I could carry one of those in my purse." In 30 years of marriage, we have never had less than two firearms in the house (two when we were young and poor, more since with at least a bit of variety), but this is the first time she consented to carry anything. I concede that no .22 is an optimum SD round, but something is better than nothing, and if I get her started with a mini she just might move up to something more effective in the future.

Therefore, my question is: LR or Mag? I rather imagine that the magnum may be a bit harder to control in such a wee revolver, so considering that, the cost of ammo, and what appears to me to be an unimpressive gain in velocity, is the magnum version worthwhile?

Thank you for your considered opinions.
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