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Ummm can you explain that? 45 colt can be handloaded to 44 magnum levels. I don't know of a 45 acp load that duplicates 44 magnum pressures?
Thats the kind of thinking that gets good firearms blown up. 45 colt can only be loaded to those levels in firearms that can handle it.

Load up 44mag level 45 colt loads and shoot them in a Colt SAA, let me know how that works out for you. The New Model Vaquero is NOT BUILT to handle those loads. It is, however, built to handle 45 acp loads which are warmer than SAAMI spec'd 45 colt by a good margin.

So in other words, ljnowell was referring to 45 colt (sub 45 acp pressure loads) being safe and then he was saying that perhaps, the gun could handle 45 acp pressure? I can understand that, but by the way he wrote it, I took it mean that he is inferring a 45 acp to be more powerful than 45 colt, which we know is not the case, unless you dumb down 45 colt a ways. Thanks for the explanation.
45 colt is most definately lower pressure than 45acp, no matter what you want to believe. Look at SAAMI spec for it. You are not "dumbing down" 45 colt to make it have less pressure than 45acp. You are in fact "over loading" it to make it equal or greater pressure.
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