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Have any of you ever heard about a "militia", (paramilitary group) that actually had their stuff together?

Actually yes I have. Some states, including my own, Washington, have an organized militia. But it's not a bunch of armed citizens.

The Washington state militia is made up of former military and law enforcement members that support police and the National Guard during natural disasters. Much of their work involves logistical support and preforming routine jobs such as traffic direction so that the police and Guard can devote their time to other jobs.

They render an important civil service and do it very well.
Right on, Buzzcook! The way propaganda works is to portray the "other side" in the worst possible light. The guys shown in "The Militia" were probably hand picked out of several groups, if not an outright fabrication, to influence public opinion.
It's been long known that if 3 people get together to "oppose the government", 2 of them will be feds. Read "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays or just search "propaganda".
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