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Problem is you don't get your gun until after the appeal has been approved. In essence guilty until proven innocent.
Guilty of what? Innocent of what? There is no guilt or innocence associated with a NICS check. Are you incarcerated if your NICS check comes back as denied? Do you have to pay a fine? Are you now a felon (if you weren't one before)? All it's doing is seeing if you are a prohibited possessor or not. There is no such thing as a perfect system. Some people who should be prohibited are going to be cleared by NICS. Some people who have never committed so much as a traffic violation are going to get denied. That's why there is an appeal process. And I for one, am glad there is an appeal process.

If you can find a better solution to keep prohibited possessors from buying firearms from an FFL, I'm all ears. Personally, I'm ok with the system. It helps keep (it won't stop, of course) people who shouldn't have guns from getting guns. If you don't want a check, and are in a state where you can get one relatively easily, get your CCW permit. I know pf at least one person that got it just to keep them from getting "NICS'd" every time they add to their collection.

I really wish people would stop using the guilty until proven innocent cliche in places where it really doesn't apply.
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