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I'd keep the LCP.

I love J-frames and other snubbies like the LCR. But the LCP beats them cleanly for concealabilty.

For all the 'lil LCP gets trashed, with pinky-extension magazines and a Desantis Nemesis I can consistently draw rapidly and fire with pretty solid accuracy out to 15 yards and I can shoot it as well as anything at 7 yards and closer. I also do not find the recoil that bad, and with a spare magazine in a pocket I have 13 shots with a quick reload, and my spare rounds conceal easier and load more quickly than most folks that use speed strips or speed loaders.

Most importantly, in two years and over 1,000 rounds, including 4 types of JHP, my LCP has choked exactly once, when a new shooter I was allowing to shoot my guns limp wristed it.

J-frames are classy guns, but for me the LCP is champ. Two years and counting in December.
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