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After having owned both, shot both extensively, and used several different pocket and hip holsters for each, I kept the 442. All ccw weapons are some mixture of compromise, and for me, the 5rds of 38+P in a pistol that I can actually draw quickly and shoot well due to the larger grip exceeded the benefits of 2 more rounds and an easier to concealed profile.

The LCP's grip size just wasn't big enough to allow for reliable quick pocket draw in the type of clothes I wear. To ensure a solid grip that would allow for reliable presentation and the ability to begin firing quickly and ACCURATELY, I had to use a hip holster. Once the hip holster became part of the equation the 442 won in spades. For me.

Plus I also like the Buffalo Bore 158gr +P lead semi-wadcutter hollow points. About as close to 357mag levels as one can get.
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