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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser
Weight doesn't matter anywhere near as much as construction.
Even a 150 gr Partition is likely to exit, when the SST did not.
And, a 180 gr SST is just as likely to grenade and not exit, as the 165 gr version.
Weight does matter maybe not so much with the SST because of its construction, but I wasn't really talking about them when I referenced 180 grains. A hunter doesn't need a premium bullet to kill deer, never has. However, a hunter does need an understanding of the effects that velocity has on a bullet. Then that hunter needs to pick an appropriate bullet to work well in at the ranges and expected impact velocities that they'll be hunting. Most people get hung up on how to get there efficiently and often overlook the terminal end.

Most cup and core bullets work well with an impact velocity of 2800 fps down to 1800 fps or less. You can expect adequate penetration and damage in that window, but not always an exit. When comparing 150-180 .308 caliber bullets you'll have a higher percentage chance of more retained weight and pass through with the heavier bullet. Simply because it impacts with less velocity, even a thin jacketed bullet like the SST has a better chance of leaving an exit wound. At 85 yards a 165 grain bullet is still close to the upper limits of impact velocity for a cup and core bullet.
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