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Originally Posted by coyota1
I guess if some of you have luck killing deer with a 223, then power to you. Maybe with the right bullet it can be done with predictable success. Now the 223 may produce the energy needed to kill a deer, but I thought a heavy bullet like something with at least 90 grains would give the needed momentum to bust through bones, and that's where the 6 mm bullets come in. However, I am not always stuck in a old school time warp, I'm open to new ideas when they work.
Momentum is what busts through bone. Momentum is not a factor of weight alone, it is weight times velocity. While the 243 might have "more" than a 223, "more" doesn't matter, if you have "enough". A properly built .224 caliber bullet will have plenty, under the right conditions.

Personally, I'd rather have a 22-250 or 243 for just about any purpose over a 223 but it's not because I couldn't do the job with a 223. I just measured the differences and decided what's more important to me.

I'd shoot a deer with my .204Ruger in the blink of an eye under the right circumstances.

I've seen what 55gr .243 bullets do to deer. Trust me, it's plenty. Pushing that same bullet weight a couple hundred feet per second slower won't make it ineffective. The margin is smaller, for sure, but it's still there.
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