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If the small blemishes bother you, get a small bottle of Dupli-Color matte black auto touch-up paint and a small brush. Better yet, get a larger can of their spray, spray some on some aluminum foil, and use the brush. (The spray paint tends to be a bit thinner and is more easily applied without build up.) It's almost a perfect match. Done right, you won't see the repair.

If you can't find Dupli-color, just about any matte black auto touch-up paint will work.

Over the years the Polycoat finish has become better and stronger and more scratch and mar-resistant. Over the long run, it seems to hold up better to holster wear than the finish used on SIGs and Glocks; they all show scratches and handling marks unless you treat them like treasures rather than tools.

Many guns in the same general price range with have some imperfections. If it had come to PERFECTLY blemish free, you'd have some on the gun a year from now.
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