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Before CCW became really popular, I got a beretta 3032 tomcat in .32acp.

As far as the gun itself, I can't bear to part with it, as it makes all the other pocket pistols i've tried feel like pieces of junk. It's very accurate, DA/SA, tip up barrel, awesome trigger, precise sights, fits like a glove in the hand, etc.

But I've come to feel that .32 acp round itself doesn't quite cut it. Mind you, I can put 8 rounds of .32 through that gun into a baseball sized hole at 15m, more rapidly than I can put 6 .380's through any of the tiny .380's I've tried into more like basketball sized groups... I just wish they'd make a tip-up beretta in .380.

anyway, the .32acp caliber itself has lost it's luster for me.

I've held off on all of the various compact 380's due to reliability, durability, and ergonomic issues galore. Every single one i've tried (most of them) had some very serious drawbacks or compromises. I'd like a .380 or perhaps a .38 snubbie, or even a tiny 9mm to replace my 3032 with more firepower. But I think no matter what I get I'll miss the tomcat itself, in terms of how the gun handles.
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