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Having worked one-on-one with Colonel Cooper on the Scout Rifle concept in the 1980's, and having a few of the original prototypes in my safe, here is what I believe Jeff would have said about the Ruger;

What they have managed to manufacture is a modern Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine with a forward scope mount, not a Scout Rifle as defined at Gunsite during the Scout Rifle conferences. It's close... but it's not a Scout Rifle.

Those who think that it should have a rear-mounted scope do not understand the Scout Rifle concept at all. Ditto those who favor the extended magazine.
Or the lack of a bipod.
Or the lack of a mid-mounted flush sling attachment point for a Ching Sling.
Or the presence of a conventional front sight, rather than one mounted on the forward edge of the front scope mount.

etc., etc...

Hate to be a scrooge, and I am VERY sure it's a VERY nice rifle, but it misses being a true Scout Rifle by a mile.

BTW, the Enfield Jungle Carbine was one of the rifles that we studied when coming up with the concept. Ditto the Remington 660, and the Krag Jorgensen. Each had it's own strong points and weak points. They were all studied in detail. Jeff's own personal "proto-scout" had a short CZ action. ine was built on the Remington Model 7 action. Neither was perfect. Only the Steyr Scout is a definitive Scout Rifle as defined by the Colonel.



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