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I too prefer a low powered scope mounted conventionally. Coopers main reason for the forward mount was to be able to use stripper clips to rapidy reload a military style bolt gun, not for better optics. With the Rugers DBM there is no reason to use a forward mounted optic. A low powered scope conventionally mounted is faster at close range and more accurate at long range.

A regular rear sight mounted on the barrel with a scope in QD mounts would have been better in my opinion. But at least with the Ruger the rear peep sits in the rear scope dovetail. It could be carried in a pocket or pack and replaced fairly quickly after removing a conventionally mounted scope. An 18-20" barrel minus the flash hider and a lightweight stock would make more sense to me.

After seeing the speed at which a few of the "guru's" at the local range could cycle through a bolt action rifle with accuracy- I knew that it was possible to use one in MANY different scenarios.
With practice a bolt gun is amazingly fast to shoot. I've done a little work with another person timing me and can get off 3 shots in 1.8 seconds with my bolt guns. Very little slower than the levers which run around 1.5 seconds for 3 shots.
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