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I appreciate you sharing your story. I believe there's always a lesson to be learned when someone is willing to share these incidents -- even at the risk of ridicule.

Apologies that I can't offer help for your injury.

As for "fault" and "blame", I say that you get two solid points for:
--rifle being pointed in a safe direction
--wearing eye protection

You do, however, get dinged for two pure failures:
--violently jacking the bolt of a rifle with a chambered round
--violently jacking the bolt of a rifle with a loaded magazine

You shouldn't be beat up over this, however:
It was mostly accident and some part my fault for not seeing the double feed. I still want to blame my self.
I believe it's absolutely, 100% your fault, and I don't see much debate otherwise. Again, don't beat yourself up over it -- you had eye protection on and the rifle pointed in a safe direction and those are definitely good lessons and both paid off.

I hope your recover fully -- you will have a cool story to tell.
If you it makes you feel any better, I wrecked an estimated 12% of my body with 3rd degree burns one evening while intending to make french fries. This happened 9 years ago and my arm still looks somewhat like a character from a B-movie. And I never even got the french fries, but I did miss two months of work.
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