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Ah, well ...

MLeake, MLeake. You live in an interesting world. Sure, you'd climb the fence, lever your body over the side, hang down and drop, hitting the concrete ready to rock! Locked and loaded. Is there a red "S" on your t-shirt?

Me, I dunno. You say to me; "I guess. I guess". Well, I don't guess. I've carried a gun for a living for a lot of years. Six years in the army, Deputy Sheriff, big game hunter. Took my share of chances, did stupid things. My first Cape buffalo dropped at 8 feet after four applications of .416. (Photo available)

My take on wild dogs vs. the neighbor's pet is that I've been right on top of the dogs, albeit in a safari truck, and my PH stated that leaving the truck would be tantamount to offering them a snack. Before I could get my rifle up and talking, I'd be done. You gotta quit guessing and go see sometimes.

I still say it was the mother's fault for sitting the kid on the rail.

Oh, yeah. By the time you finished all your gymnastics and did end up in the cage, the little boy would be history.
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