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Maybe it is just me.
But the action seems more "choppy".
I don't know how to explain it.
Oh no, it's not just you -- unless it's just YOU and ME.

My buddy has the 686+, I have the 686-3. A big part of the difference could simply be that his is a current generation Smith & Wesson made these days and mine was made in '88 or '89. I will not be the one to take this conversation in this direction -- but if anyone knows the reference "**** in the punchbowl", it applies MUCH in this conversation.

As for the discussion between which cylinder is stronger due to the location of the cylinder stop notches... I can see your wager and I call -- and raise you with the mass of metal between cylinders. I suppose unless & until we find someone that has blown up some 686 & 686+ cylinders, it's much more of an opinion kinda thing.

I will say that S&W isn't likely to send out a design that is weak or dangerous, Japle's experience notwithstanding.
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