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My family and I have lived on the same farm here in KY for 25 years now...with a grove of walnut trees in the side yard...we've always been patient with the squirrels who frequent the grove with one proviso...if they stay in the grove, all's well (hell they're just tryin' to make a living, just like me)...but if they come up on the deck or quarter will be shown.

This year, I had to shoot some to keep 'em out of the attic...I thought we had 4-5 that were the problem, but over a couple weeks, I shot 23 before they quit coming. We've got a lot of walnuts, oaks and some hickory down through our gulleys and they just multiplied until the house was in jeopardy. Did all of the shooting with an aged Winchester M-62A in .22 lr. It's a good gun and I've added a flip up tang peep sight to make the shooting a bit easier.

Hated to do it, but we're rid of the little buggers for a spell now.

Best Regards, Rod
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