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Hey, I saw a Coonan on your list. Do you have the new Coonan Classic, or the older Model B, or the even older Model A? I have a new Classic and I am very much in love with my pistol.

In any case, if you are an extreme "completist" (I just invented a word there) then I double dog dare you to investigate finding one of the old and scarce Coonan Cadet Models. Same .357 Magnum chambering, just with a shorter length grip and associated shorter magazine. The guns are difficult to find, the magazines are astronomically expensive.

Rumor is that Coonan has a new Cadet on the "to-do" list, but they are a small operation with a LOT of orders and they've been quite busy.

Also, while I've got you here, please tell me a bit about your AutoMag III, .30 Carbine. I've long been enamored of that one and have considered finding one. Shoot it much? Does it run well? Accurate? Does it chew-up & wreck the brass, or simply launch it in to the next county?
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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