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Please spare us from the psychobabble. You don't know of what you speak. A person can recover from horrendous psychological trauma - it is preferred over death.
I apologize Mr. Meyer. I had no idea we had an expert on the subject or else I would have deferred to you.

To address other posts, I could be romanticizing the event I suppose.. And we all know how brave keyboard pounders are. Then again, I've worked as a lifeguard since I was 16, and while that certainly doesn't make me a dashing, caped hero, it does mean I've been in some life or death situations.

And I really shouldn't have to say this, but come on, I never meant that I would jump in headfirst as my opening! If I had a gun, I'd probably try to shoot, if I didn't, I'd throw a camera, a bag, or an old lady's pet Pomeranian!

There's a lot of things I care about in life, but to be honest, for myself I care but little. There's only one guarantee in life and that is the fact that we are going to die. I can't speak for any of you, but for myself, life's too short for regrets. Not saying I wouldn't regret jumping into the dog-pit, but I definitely wouldn't have as much to to dwell on it
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