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From what I read, they responded by shooting dummy tranquilizers at the dogs. They didn't want to use live ones because of fear of hitting the child (I guess their concern was that the dose might have been lethal, or that they'd hit the child multiple times and that would be lethal).

I read nothing that supports your claim.
The whole incident lasted just over 5 min. from the time dispatch dispatched the call until it was all over.
Not Right.

Zoo spokeswoman Tracy Gray said a zookeeper who was 10 feet away immediately responded by calling coworkers for help. Another keeper in the painted-dog building called for the dogs to get them inside, she said. She declined further comment.

Zoo leaders said a worker got seven of the dogs into the building and another keeper brought three in. At some point, they said, workers fired empty tranquilizer darts at the remaining dog that would not leave Maddox alone.

Police officers fatally shot the remaining dog about 10 minutes after the attack began.

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