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The older models were available with either system, I believe they are only available with a decocker now. As was said, the other kind had a manual safety with decocker if you chose to buy that version.

That's not the only difference in the pistol from then to now, though -- the original ones had a really slippery grip that was NOT tacky or grippy in almost any way. I know, I have one of these older ones. (born in 1997) My solution was a short length of bicycle tire innertube and it works VERY well. I tried one of the Pachmary slip-on "universal" grip sleeves but I did not care for the molded finger grooves.

The older ones also had no tac-rail and there is a very "1980's" looking ledge on the front of the trigger guard that has evolved and is now missing from the newer ones.
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