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One of the friends I shoot with has the M&P shield in .45 and I've put probably 50 rounds through it without much of a problem. So recoil with .40 isn't something that I am particularly concerned about. I appreciate the input though.
This is a serious misnomer. I hope you have actually shot a 40 before, and extensively at that. While I have nothing particular against it, it is not a 45. Just because the 45 is larger doesn't mean it has more felt recoil. In fact if most people I know had to rank it, they would do 9mm < 45ACP < 40SW. I do not like the 40SW in a light subcompact gun. In a metal firearm or one with some weight okay, but even then I find I don't shoot it as well as the other two calibers.

If you don't mind me asking, what is your reason for going the 40SW route?
Know the status of your weapon
Keep your muzzle oriented so that no one will be hurt if the firearm discharges
Keep your finger off the trigger until you have an adequate sight picture
Maintain situational awareness
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