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There are several 6920 models. Te MP-B is Magpul in black that has the MOE handguard, 2 Pmags, the trigger guard, the pop up iron sights, all in black. the MP-FDE same thing in flat dark earth color. There's a SOCOM version that comes with quad rails already, but it's usually much more expensive. There's the "standard" "classic" version, don't know the model designation off the top of my head, that will have a circular instead of oval hand guard, and a removable carry handle containing your rear sight.

The 6920, like just about any flat top upper (with or without the carry handle) will be nearly infinitely customizable. You can buy a new handguard.. I mentioned one earlier, from Daniel Defense desiged to go in as a two piece freefloat option that doesn't require permanently altering anything with chopping, grinding or drilling... If/When I go quad rail, that's the one I'm using. If you don't want to drop 3 bills on it, there are two piece "Drop-ins" that aren't free floating (But then neither is the normal handguard from what I understand) that can get you rails for less.

1099 will be the most I would pay for a 6920 - either standard or Magpul editions. I wouldn't pay more than that, but I also wouldn't ever expect to find significantly less than that. If you're patient you might find 1095 or something but yeah. 1099 is a good price. Some are higher, noone is reallyl less, but 1099 also isn't hard to find.

Yes, you can add opics to a 6920. I have several different options I've tried out on mine already.. I bought some cheap junky stuff from Walmart to see what worked, and how. Mainly I was looking someting I could hold in my hand, mount on the rails, and see how the tube/bell(s) and whatnot interacted with the physical dimensions of the rifle.

I picked up a Tasco? 4x16 from Walmart. It would mount directly to the upper, the front sight tower didn't distort the image. There wasn't a whole lot of room for it.. But it was pretty junky as well as neither here-nor-there in the optics range I was looking at. I wouldn't buy it again.

I also picked up a UTG AR scope with an illuminated crosshair from Amazon. The quality was.. about in line what I paid for it.. As I recall you'll definitely want some combination of high rings and/or risers to get over the front sight tower. (A riser is a rail that mounts to your already there rail.. basically like putting a block under your scope.) I would buy a different brand again. I also probably wouldn't put it on a 6920, but feel it would be better suited to something wiht a flip-up front sight, like you see more often in the rifle length quad rail uppers.

Since I bought the MP-B version I didn't get a carry handle. I bought one off Gunbroker from someone else's take-down. (They bought a 6920 standard version for some parts, and took down and sold the others). They make an insert that goes inside the top of that carry handle that you can see through with your iron sights, but still mount an accessory to the top of the handle. On top of that, I stuck a 6-24 Barska varmint scope from Amazon. The scope was actually much better than the price I paid, but still not Leupold quality. Still for having it in the supply box for screwing around on this or other guns later, I don't regret buying it, and would have bought this again.

Additionally, the 6-24 is not a good fit on the upper directly. Without angled scope mounts (i.e. the PEPR mount) it sits too far back and gets in the way of the charging handle. With the angled mount it more than starts running spatially afoul of the sight tower. Mounted on the carry handle it fits spatially, however it's very very tall. I can dial it in to zero, but cheek weld is unlikely. It really turns into more of a jaw or chin light rest.

The other thing to remember on the AR customizing is there are two types. Mil-spec and commercial. Not all parts are one or the other, but those that are do not interchange. The LE6920 will be mil-spec, so if you replace something, like say the buffer tube(that the sliding stock slides on)- you have to get the right one. Some little bits and bobs, like the ASAP sling plate come with doodads for both, and you pick the right one, some are one or the other.


I forgot what I actually ended up using the most. I kept the 6x24 on the carry handle since it's a quick swap, but most of my range time was using a Vortex Strike fire with the VMX3 magnifier on a swing out mount. Again I ran into an issue with running out of rail (which is what has me hemming and hawing over the DD Omega handguard quad rail).. if I do that, I could mount the strike fire a little furhter forward, which is good for a number of reasons, slide the magnifier a little further forward, AND have room for that Magpul BUIS so the iron sights will "Co-witness" what the optics see. Meaning if the sights are sighted in correctly, and the red dot (Strikefire part of the combo are zeroed in correctly, they'll both point at the same place...

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