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I have both a SA XDS 3.3" .45ACP and numerous 1911s and I can tell you the mags look very similar, but they are not quite the same. Basically, when I first got my XDS, I thought that I could use a belt mag pouch that I have from Comp-Tac (Kydex) for 1911 mags and use that to carry a spare XDS mag when I IWB carry my XDS. I was wrong. The XDS mags would not fit in it. If I remember right, the XDS mags are a tad to long (front to back) to fit in a mag pouch made for 1911 mags. The only good news was, I also have a Comp-Tac belt mag pouch made for Sig P220 mags and the XDS mags fit in it perfectly. When I get home later today, I'll try to insert a XDS mag (I have both the 5rd ones and the extended 7rd ones) directly into one of my 1911's mag well and see how it fits. My guess is, a XDS mag won't insert because like the 1911 mag pouch I tried with, the XDS mag will be too long (front to back) to fit in a 1911's mag well. I'll also try inserting a 1911 mag into my XDS' mag well, but I bet there will be too much slop/play (front to back) for it to work even if a new mag catch hole could be correctly made to a 1911 mag for the XDS' use.

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