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I remember hearing about an officer involved shooting that happened at around 15 feet inside a parking garage,the officer was using a department issued 12 gauge with 9-pellet '00 buck.

The officer unloaded every round he had in the shotgun,before going to his handgun,the whole time shots were being fired the BG was advancing on the officer,the perp then gave up when the officer drew his handgun.

All pellets hit their mark in the perp's upper body.

After all was said and done the officer admitted that he should have went for a head shot,the perp died on the way to the hospital.

So please oh wise one tell me again how the 12 is so much better than any other gauge.
Please oh wise one you think he'd have been better off with a 410 and 1/2 the # of pellets. BTW this also answers JM's question.
Once again I ask, how is 800 to 900 ft lbs of 5 000 buckshot pellets not going to smoke an intruder.
The only way a 410 is going to be any more effective is if you can actually shoot it faster. Something I figured out years ago in bowling pin shoots speed shooting shotguns is a big mans sport. you just can't cheat physics much.
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