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From what I read, they responded by shooting dummy tranquilizers at the dogs. They didn't want to use live ones because of fear of hitting the child (I guess their concern was that the dose might have been lethal, or that they'd hit the child multiple times and that would be lethal).

In most other CCW defense scenarios, there is a BG who is recognized as the BG by anyone already in the vicinity. I'm not so much concerned about those arriving later. When police arrive you have to be very careful how you behave, but in the initial reaction there's not as much risk.

Shooting at something out of sight, while people are screaming, and being the first person to use a firearm, raises the risks I think.

If you're trying to stop a robbery or something like that, most people are going to look at the situation and see how it matches up against what a robbery would look like. If you're shooting at something unknown at a zoo, who knows what people will think. Shooting wild dogs to save a child who has fallen into an exhibit is not going to go through most people's minds.
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