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When I spent time wandering the backwoods where small black & brown bears might be encountered, I typically carried a .44 Magnum or stoutly handloaded Ruger .45 Colt.

Alternatively, I also often carried one of my .357's, also stoutly handloaded with bullets capable of good penetration, but considered the .357 Magnum to be a medium-bore cartridge. The prevailing thought in those days was that while it was capable of killing a medium-skinned dangerous/feral animal of small to medium size, it was still a bit on the light side for bear.

When the 10mm Norma arrived on the scene, I was intrigued, but didn't see any real advantage over my revolvers, especially since the available 10mm pistols (and ammunition) were rather limited. The .41 Magnum was a more versatile cartridge, and I'd much sooner use one than a 10mm.

S&W's occasional release of 10mm revolvers made a bit of an in-road for handgun for hunters who favored the 10mm.

Nowadays it seems to be handloaders and a few of the smaller custom ammunition companies keeping the 10mm popular enough so a number of gun companies are offering models chambered in it.

While I'd sooner carry a .357 Magnum (or maybe a .40 S&W, with 180gr loads) with me in the backwoods where feral dogs or cats (mountain lions) might be a potential danger, I'd not feel under-equipped with a 10mm ... but I'd still rather have one of my .44's or a stoutly handloaded Ruger Blackhawk chambered in .45 Colt at my side for any larger, more dangerous animals.

I've used a couple of my .44's to demonstrate how they can be used, even loaded with up to stout 315gr JHP's, to max out a qual course-of-fire being run for semiauto duty pistols (and do so faster than virtually all of the 9mm shooters runni8ng through the qual that day). It's just the loading (or reloading, if you'd rather ) that adds an extra moment.
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