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Buying a gun online - like a Python - that you can't hold in your hands and inspect closely really foolish in my opinion.

Online return policies vary by seller ...and nothing is guaranteed by the online sites like gunbroker. In fact you might send off your cashiers check to the seller - and never get a gun / and the website will not be in a position to help you. Their feedback systems are pretty good....but its still a crapshoot in my opinion.

For a higher end revolver like a Python or a S&W model 27, which I think is comparable, - are transactions that you need to do in person at a local gunshop or maybe at a gunshow. Ideally, you might have a buddy who is knowledgeable about that model - that will go with you and help you / or some shops have guys that are very familiar with those models / some shops don't have a clue - except what the price is on a gun like one of these revolvers that probably comes in on consignment.

I've never heard of a 3rd party broker ...that could act as your agent and then ship the gun to your local FFL location - as a dealer. In theory it could be done - if the 3rd party had an FFL bought the gun and was reselling it to you as a dealer - you pay them, they ship it to your local FFL.

If you have to buy online .../ then at least deal with a real "brick and mortar" dealer that is using these websites to reach additional customers. At least then you have a real shop to call - get more photos - maybe a return policy, etc. But I'd still buy locally....even if you have to pay more - you'd be way better off in my opinion.
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