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Yep - 4" GP100, 586 or 686. If 686, my preference is for the standard 6-shot, rather than the 7-shot 686+

Originally Posted by evilleprichaun
would you say there problably on the same level in terms of reliablility or more or less?
Rugers have the reputation for not having the fit& finish and smoothness of Smiths, but they respond very well to a little tuning. The GP100 is a robust design, and from a durability perspective, have several design elements that are better, IMO, than S&W. The interchangeable front sight on the 4" (but not 3") GP100 is a very nice feature, too. You'll likely have to pay a 'smith to swap out the front sight on a 586/686 - and if were my gun, that red ramp would definitely have to go.

That said, the S&W L-frame is a terrific gun. As my primary match gun, my 686 has seen lots of hard use, but it's been reliable and very accurate.
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