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I think you might take advantage of that freebore by trying Berger's 230 grn bullets.
Yikes, my shoulder is hurting at just the thought of that big bullet

There seem to be so many factors to consider. A longer bullet may reach my grooves sooner but a longer bullet is harder to stabilize. And recoil will be greater for a 230 gr. vs. a 165 gr. I'm not a complete wuss when it comes to recoil but I did once sell a .338 WM when it was putting my already-depleted rotator cuffs into jeopardy..

I'd like to find a circa 165 gr. bullet that works...

Now that I consider it, my Berger 168s did badly when my scope was bad. It was only the 185s that I tested with the re-conditioned Swarovski (and did not do well). I could go back and recheck the 165s. But if the 185s did not do well, what are the chances for the 168s?
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