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How do I buy a blue Colt Python 6 in.?


I am in the market for the above gun. I have been on Gunbroker and they have many beautiful pythons listed. They price them from about $2000 and up.

How do I know what I am buying? They all have descriptions, but often times seller exaggerate the "newness" or the look of the revolver. If you have not actually held the pistol in your hand, can you really know what you are getting? Also, I am a novice as to what to look for. I know about marks etched on the cylinder and play in the cylinder, but I would need some to take apart the weapon and inspect it.

If you buy and do not like it then you pay shipping both ways if returns are allowed, and shipping costs from FFL to FFL can get expensive if you do it to often.

Are there knowledgeable people out there that somebody can pay to go out and find them a fine specimen in the desired pistol, and have that person inspect the pistol and basically give it the OK? If so, can anybody recommend somebody to me?


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