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I have have both the Kahr CM9 and the Kel-Tec PF9. Out of the two, I prefer the CM9 10 to 1 over the PF9. I originally bought the PF9 as I really liked the size, capacity and the feel of the gun. I had read all of the reviews (good and bad) prior to purchasing but figured that I've give it a try. I've had to send it back to Kel-Tec twice for FTExtract and Slide Peening issues. Kel-Tec has been great about taking care of the problems and I have nothing but great things to say about their customer service, but... for an EDC gun, it makes me hesitate based on the FTExtract problem. Since having it back this last time, I've run about 100 trouble free rounds through her, but have yet to carry based on the initial problems. It does have quite a kick for a 9mm, but it's only due to the size and weight of the gun.

The CM9 has been great from day one. There is nothing that I don't like about this gun for EDC.

I also own a couple of Glocks and LOVE everything about them. I would really like to use either the 19 or the 23 as an EDC, but with them being striker fired and the fact that I carry AIWB, it makes me a little nervous and therefore I don't CC them. The Kahr CM9 is alsp striker fired, but the striker is only partially cocked (I really hope this is correct) and requires a much longer trigger pull and makes me feel better about AIWB carry.

Good luck in your decision!
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