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which one??

so im really wanting a revolver ive always loved function the reliablity and the simplicity of revolvers the only problem i can see concerning them is that i do not own one yet. im looking for just the right one to be my first

i dont have much of a specific purpose for it other than i want it, but it will problably end up being an "under the pillow" type gun for HD and a range gun, im looking for a .357 magnum but any other suggestions or appreciated

right now ive been looking at a smith and wesson 586 and 686 or possibly going all out on a python i just dont think i can justify spending that on a gun that i dont think ile want to ruin taking it to the range all the time. so im looking for either ideas or confirmation of one of those and opinions on reliabiliy and accuracy.

price isnt much of a concern

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