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OK, practice, and get good with Bullseye, then to keep your head from getting too big, so shoot with some International Shooters.

I think the OP started out with rifle and this drifted to pistols....It doesn't matter.

I'm a HP shooter. When I was in Alaska it got a bit nippy for shooting outside so I took up indoor small bore in the winter to keep in shape.

I would get pretty good, and COCKY, then I'd enter a match with some college kids. Those kids from the U of A, made it look like I was throwing rocks.

You don't get better by shooting with average shooters that you can outshoot, you get better by trying to beat the great shooters.

An example: When I first hired on with the Anchorage Police Dept. I didn't shoot my service revolver as well as I would like. We had an indoor range so every night after shift, I'd challenge one of my friends who was dern good with his revolver. We shot for coffee and I bought a lot of coffee.

I didn't give up, and eventually he was buying my coffee.

I think its called SETTING GOALS.
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