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I'am a club member afiliated with CMP. I'am not a criminal. I posess a Concealed carry permit. Is it as complicated as it seems?
NO, its not complicated at all. Add to your list a birth cert (proof of US Citizenship) and you are good to go.

Down load the forms from the CMP web site, Make a copy of your club card, CCW Permit, (proof of firearm activity) and your birth cert (or DD 214, anything that proves citizenship). Have your sig. notorized (banks do that), and send for your rifle.

Don't wait, CMP M1s wont last forever. I've heard a lot of horor stories from people that put off getting a 1903, 1917 and/or M1 Carbines, only to find they were gone when they finely got around to sending off the order.

Plus they will never be cheaper.

Price wise you can't beat the CMP, not to mention every rifle sold by the CMP has been gone over by their armors to make sure they function propertly, and if for some weird chance something is wrong, they will make it right. You'll not find better customer service then the CMP.
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